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We are a small boutique construction company driven by an architectural vision. We excel in the art of construction and exceed client expectations with every project.


Caves Road Constructions was founded in early 2019 by Ben Lawrie.

Ben has a diverse career history, from shipwrighting and boatbuilding to working as a mobile and fixed plant operator on the mines. His work building and maintaining race yachts and luxury pleasure craft made him well sought-after in the marine industry.

During his boatbuilding years, he began buying and selling residential properties, transferring his skills from boats to houses. After gaining carpentry and painting accreditations, he switched careers and found work with a building company in Perth.

From here, Ben was inspired to start his own business, using his wealth of knowledge to build homes himself. In 2016, he and his young family relocated to the South West where he embarked on his journey to become a registered builder.

Ben now works closely with industry professionals from architects to designers. He creates custom homes for multiple clients, from basic construction work to complex architectural projects.

His no-shortcuts approach delivers outstanding quality every time, resulting in properties built with longevity in mind.

Cuthbert Street Residence
Best Alterations & Additions
$230,000 - $300,0000


Experienced Craftsmen

Our small team is made up of professional craftsmen who are well-established in their fields. We only work with those who share the same standards and expectations.


Exceptional Service

We strive to deliver the best possible service on the building market with every project we take on. No matter how big or small the job, we always endeavour to deliver an exceptional service.


Our Guarantee

We build strong relationships with our clients to ensure we meet and exceed expectations every time. With this, we guarantee to achieve a perfect job and have happy clients for life.

“Ben Lawrie is ever conscious of the stresses that people are under during a build. His ability to keep everyone level headed, informed at all times and prepared for what is to follow helps to reduce the problems that may occur. With each inspection Ben was fastidious, picking up on the smallest of issues with the quality of the build along the way and having them rectified.”

Andrew & Lisa Laird